Marketing Communications

Connections & Referrals

We’re more than just Event Managers &Decorators; we also partner with our clients to provide services & solutions in the areas of:

  • Marketing Communications including connections & referrals;
  • Think Tanks & Brainstorms – strategic & creative ideas for implementation and execution;
  • Event design solutions;
  • Client gifting management;
  • Business collaborations & product integration;
  • Project management,
  • Content creation and management for your Social Media marketing;
  • Brand management;
  • Sales & marketing planning;
  • Consumer engagements with product & brand activations;
  • Business strategies;
  • Custom design products – ideas, sourcing, purchasing & creation;
  • Awards programs;
  • Competition creation and management;
  • Special guest and talent management;
  • Embracing trends to pitch and align with your brand.

We are an additional resource to your business for your varied event and marketing communications needs.

Spark up a conversation with us about collaborating with you on your next project and activity.

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